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Station Information

Why This Site Exists

The reason for the existence of this station and web application is for educational purposes. Significant effort has been made to ensure accuracy and reliability. However, these are in no way guaranteed. The author serves as a severe weather spotter for the Summit County Skywarn association--a group that assists The National Weather Service in identifiying possible severe weather. This station is occasionally used to report measured wind gust and rainfall values during severe storm events.

Station History

This station, located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA, has been in operation since November 29, 1999. Initially, the station was based on WX-200 weather station hardware and wx200d software. After an updated version of wx200d that supported uploads to The Weather Underground was available, the station became a contributor to Wunderground's Personal Weather Station Project beginning on February 13, 2002. Soon after, the weather web site was made available to the public in its initial form. Although never completed as intended, the original web application remained in place for many years. As web and instrumentation technologies have improved, station hardware and software has become more available and affordable, my own interest and education has been further developed and I've finally dedicated the time and resources, the time came to create a much more comprehensive and (hopefully) more enjoyable web experience.

Technical Information

Station hardware is currently an ever-expanding mix, including WX-200 (made by Oregon Scientific and sold by RadioShack), Rainwise, AAG and Hobby Boards 1-Wire products--plus some home-made stuff. The software is based on wx200d, One Wire Weather and a whole lot of Open Source and custom Java code. Data is logged 24 hours a day, seven days per week.


The following individuals and organizations deserve recognition for their contributions that have directly impacted the creation and continued operation of this site.

Innovate Science, LLC Innovate Science, LLC

Sun Microsystems' Java Java Get Powered

PostgreSQL Open Source Database Powered by PostgreSQL

JBoss Open Source Application Server

Hibernate Relational Persistence for Java

The National Weather Service National Weather Service

The Apache Software Foundation National Weather Service

WX200d Weather Server

One Wire Weather

Hobby Boards

The Weather Underground

Zorbix™ Powered by Zorbix

System Status
Issue Type Area Component Problem Description Beginning Time Expected Time of Resolution
invalid data wx200 Humidity sensor Sensor is reading significantly low values when temperature increases beyond a certain threshold. This is a backup device and does not affect current readings. Jul 1, 2006
invalid data wx200 Rain sensor Sensor is recording only every other bucket tip. This is a backup device and does not affect current readings. I hope to have this repaired this summer. Jul 1, 2006
invalid data 1-Wire network Lightning sensor Sensor is receiving intermittent noise triggering extensive false positives. I hope to have it relocated this summer in an effort to resolve the problem. Oct 1, 2006
system failure 1-Wire network All devices An apparent failure of the Humidity sensor has caused the entire 1-Wire network to fail. The System is down. Sep 25, 2007
sensor failure 1-Wire network Humidity sensor The humidity sensor appears to have failed. A replacement has been ordered. Sep 27, 2007
invalid data 1-Wire network Rain Gauge Bucket seems to have been plugged or slow to drain for the past several days or weeks. Around 8:30 this morning something caused the counter to accumulate numerous, rapid, false counts until about 9:11. Nov 13, 2007
1-Wire network Humidity sensor Humididy sensor has failed again. All humidity-related measurements are out of service until replacement arrives. Jan 24, 2010